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Year 4 - Literacy

FREE lesson plans, activity worksheets, power points, thinking challenges and other teaching ideas


Literacy - FREE lesson plans, activity worksheets & powerpoints

Explanation Texts - Recycling Recount

WEEK 1 Literacy Non-Fiction: Unit 3: Information Texts PLAN


Amy's online diary - recycling


Press Packer Amy will be spending a week trying to swap her environmentally un-friendly habits for greener ones.

And Newsround will be following her every step of the way and catching it all on camera!

You can check out her progress right here in her online diary - she'll tell you the truth behind her attempt to ditch her non-green lifestyle.


Tuesday - getting ready to recycle

"As the producers and cameraman drove up to my house I was feeling really excited and couldn't wait to start the day.

For the first couple of hours we focused on how I use up energy - like leaving the tap running when I brush my teeth and leaving the lights and computer on when I leave the room. We also looked at how much I recycle.

Recycling - start to finish

Then a recycling van drove up outside my house and a recycling man talked to me about what my council recycles. Some of the rubbish I had collected for recycling was then taken away by the truck to the local recycling centre.


I got to have a go in the truck which was great fun! I was taken to the recycling centre and I followed a drinks can, which had been in my recycling rubbish, through the recycling process until it was squashed with lots of other cans into a tiny square of metal. It was then ready to be sent off to be made into something else, like another can or a fridge.

If we don't recycle, our rubbish will end up in a big hole in the ground where it will sit for many years. Also, starting to make something like a can from scratch uses more resources and energy than it does to recycle an old one. Today has helped me to realise the importance of recycling."

Amy, 12, Harpenden


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